VIDEO: Sitting on Karan Kundrra's back, Shamita Shetty did something that angered Tejasswi

The grand finale of the country's famous reality show 'Bigg Boss 15' is just a few days away. In such a situation, there is an even more dangerous war between the contestants. At the same time, the mutual disagreement is also clearly visible. But looking at the recent video that has surfaced, it seems that the fight between Shamita Shetty and Tejasswi Prakash has increased even more. This is because due to one of the tasks, Shamita sat on the back of Tejasswi's boyfriend Karan Kundrra.

In the same promo, it is mentioned that 'Bigg Boss' has given the contestants the last task of this season 'BB Hotel.' Some contestants will play the role of guests and some will play the hotel staff in this hotel. The decision of this task will be taken by the public and they will come to make this decision inside the house. 'Bigg Boss' said that first Tejasswi and Shamita will play the role of the hotel staff. After that, Karan Kundrra said that he wants to get a massage from Tejasswi. Tejasswi massages Karan but Karan does not like it, so he calls Shamita for a massage.



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Shamita Shetty comes to massage Karan Kundrra. She sits on Karan's back and then there is a disbalance and she lies down on his back and starts falling down. Seeing Shamita Shetty doing the same thing like this, Tejasswi provoked up. She says to Shamita, 'You have forgotten that this is Karan and not Raqesh Bapat. You've never taken your task so seriously before.' Hearing the same Tejasswi's words, Shamita Shetty also gets furious. She says, "This is a task and I massaged him because of it. This is the task, you can't call me aunty.'' Then, Shamita tells Karan that you should explain it or else the way I handle it will be very different. Seeing this promo, the level of excitement of the fans has increased, even more, now it will be seen to what extent this fight goes.

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