Insurance frauds held by police in Lucknow

Apr 17 2018 08:48 AM
Insurance frauds held by police in Lucknow

A group of six members held by the police for committing fraud in the city of Lucknow.

These gang members were lead by Aman Kumar. These six members from Krishanagar introduced themselves as insurance officers and would call policyholders and eventually assembled contact numbers of various customers of legit companies. They guided them to deposit a particular amount in order to get the bonus.Called up various people and accessed their bank details to withdraw money.They earlier functioned from south Delhi and appeared in a cafe operational for an office. Earlier they were in Ghaziabad but later fled to Kanpur. Also, took an amount of 5,000 each from villagers in order to open a bank account but fled away. They were caught by special police of Delhi but were granted bail on lack of evidence.These six members usually distributed sectors and locations and targetted on people who had absolutely no knowledge about policies of banks and withdrawal.They looted people with their personal property too.

This continued from a period of 2 years.The police recovered from sources  Rs 1.1 lakh cash, 6 laptops, 67 mobile phones, 23 ATM cards of different banks, 15 bank passbooks, 50 SIM cards, 5 voter ID cards, 5 Aadhaar cards, a motorcycle and other documents from them.

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