Skin Burn: Home Remedies to treat effectively

May 14 2019 05:55 PM
Skin Burn: Home Remedies to treat effectively

Despite of wide range of ingredients available in the kitchen, surprisingly we are not aware of such easy and handy remedies. It is important to have first hand information about these home remedies. But the most important point is assessing the severity of the burn condition.

Below are few handy and important tips. These tips to some extent improve the condition and also can be easily found in the kitchen. This kind of situation causes panic. We are sure all must have gone through similar situations. And the silly mistakes we make while being panic-stricken.

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Tea: Tannic acid is found in Black tea, a component which helps to ease the pain. Thus help it to be less painful. Wet the Tea bags and refrigerate them. Depending on the area of the wound, number of bags can be chosen. Best is to hold the bags with a gauge on it. Helps well on repairing skin and reverse damage caused by the burns. Chamomile tea can be used as well because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Vinegar: Vinegar has a property to absorb heat when applied. This helps the pain to nullify. It is antiseptic and with best astringent properties. The best way to using is diluting it with water and applying with the help of cotton pad as vinegar has acidic properties.

Honey: Very few people would have known that the honey can be used as first aid treatments for burns. It has medicinal properties. Honey is a natural antibiotic, which helps your burns from infection. It has a natural pH balance which makes the bacteria inhospitable when applied topically. It will cool the burn, relieve the pain, and help the skin to heal faster.

Avoid using ice on a burn: First thing that comes to the mind is applying ice. Yes! Why not? Ice is a big NO! Ice can restrict flow of the blood to the skin, and cause a further damage to the tissue. Instead, place the burned area under cool running water, this helps the injury from spreading, and keep it intact for a while.

Mint toothpaste: Mint toothpaste is the easiest found remedy at home, handy as well. Wash the burnt area; let it dry with a towel. Follow this by applying the paste directly leaving it to dry. This will help the scalded area to soothe.

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