Skin Care and Body care tips to protect from Sweat

With the onset of monsoon season, oily nature increases resulting in blockage of pores and acne. We feel disappointed to see the acne. Here we see some tips and tricks to tackle the skin problems associated with the monsoon season.

-The blockage of skin pore by sweat, leads to collection of dirt. Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser has to be followed always. A soap free cleanser can be used to wash the face which retains the essential fatty acids in the skin.  Then use a alcohol free toner, enriched with anti-oxidants. At last use a moisturizer which is not oily then use SPF.  Prickly heat happens due to blockage of pores. To avoid this, apply ice to the skin.

-Pimples the worst enemies of face can be avoided by washing face with a pH balanced cleanser thrice or four times a day. Calamine lotion during the day and multani mitti face pack once a week helps a lot. If pimple appears for heaven sake does not break. Too much oily and spicy food has to be avoided.

-For dry skin, wash the face with pH balanced face wash and apply routine moisturisers that contain shea butter and vitamin E.

-Other than these tips, take bath twice a day. Prefer linen or cotton clothing. Wear sunblock thrice a day at a gap of 3-4 hours, it should be SPF 30 PA+++.

-Fungal and bacterial infections like Ring worm can be avoided best by keeping cool and clean. Always clean skin folds by soft towels.

Normal skin persons can use Papaya Pulp facepack and oily skin can use multani mitti pack, general cucumber pack can be applied. Drink water, nimbu pani, milk, butter milk, curd in the diet, vegetables and salad intake should be increased.

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