Boys should also take care of their skin, follow these tips

Sep 18 2019 08:48 PM
Boys should also take care of their skin, follow these tips

To keep the skin beautiful, it is necessary to take care of it, so you need the right skincare routine. Here we are talking about the skin of men who need these things a lot. Men do not take special care of their skin. How Skin Care Routines Are Beneficial And Why They Need A Different Skin Care Routine. Let us tell you about this.

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1. Skin is more oily - Men have more oily skin than women because men have higher testosterone levels. High levels of testosterone hormone make men's skin tighter and more oily, so men's skincare routine should be different than that of women.

2. Due to the more tough skin - the skin of men has more pores and at the same time, it is 20-30 percent thicker than women. The skin of women is softer than that of men, so both have different skincare routines. But the sun's harmful rays cause the same damage to the skin, so both of them should use sunscreen.

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3. Because of shaving - Men have to do shaving to remove hair from the skin. By shaving the hair gets cleaned but on the skin of the face, there is irritation, rashes and sometimes acne. In such a situation, men also need a special skincare routine.

4. Benefits of a skincare routine - A lot of cosmetics are also present in the market for men's skin. Use of products containing anti-oxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin E is beneficial for men’s skin, so include these products in your skin care products.

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