Skin Secrets to be your Glowy Self Agin

We have all had those days when we had perfectly clear skin without having to look up any skincare routines or taking much care of it, but now that no one has much time to even breathe properly how can one take care of their skin without putting in many efforts. 

Good skin care can help you look younger, and prevent extensive ageing, it also helps get rid of any skin problems or spots on the space. These general skin care tips are approved by dermatologists and will help everyone if practised regularly. 

Protect your skin from the Sun: Extended exposure to the sun can cause various skin problems, EXCESSIVE HEAT IS NOT GOOD FOR THE SKIN. 

In order to tackle that use sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving your house. SPH 40 is the preferred one but use at least SPH 15. 

Wear clothes through which not much skin is exposed to the sun and use laundry additives. 

Don’t Scrub your Skin Clean: Don’t be hard on those soft cheeks, they need protection. If you sweat too much or have acne, it might feel like scrubbing will help, but it will only make it worse. 

Wash your face gently: Wash your face with lukewarm water, after getting home, it will wash away all the duet on your face without having to rub too hard. 

Don’t stress too much: Too much stress can make your skin sensitive, and not only creates various skin problems but also leads to skin break-out. 

Get your beauty sleep: Sleeping, and I can not stress this enough is very important, not only for your skin but also for your mental and physical well-being. So sleep away for at least seven hours every twenty-four hours. 

Select your skin care products very carefully: Know your skin, whether it is oily, dry, normal, whether it is sensitive or not. Find the products which suit your skin best.

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