Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Shot: A Look At His Polarizing Legacy
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Shot: A Look At His Polarizing Legacy

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has been wounded in a shooting following a political event. His deputy, Tomas Taraba, assures that Fico is expected to survive. Fico, aged 59, has had a lengthy political career, starting in the Communist Party before transitioning to law and eventually entering parliament in 1992. He rose to prominence as chairman of the Smer party and has been described as a left-populist figure, often compared to Hungary's Viktor Orban.

Fico has served as prime minister twice before returning to power last year, making him Slovakia's longest-serving head of government. His recent tenure has been marked by controversial policies, including a pro-Russian stance and opposition to NATO and the United States. His government's decision to halt arms deliveries to Ukraine sparked protests across Slovakia.

Critics fear Fico's return to power could lead Slovakia away from its pro-Western stance. He has promised a "sovereign" foreign policy, advocated against migration, and campaigned against LGBTQ+ rights. Fico has also faced legal troubles, including criminal charges for alleged misuse of power. His previous government resigned amid controversy surrounding the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak, who was probing tax-related crimes involving high-level politicians.

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