World's first smart hair brush, which detects health of your hair

You may have heard of fitness calculator, universal remotes, fitness ring and many more techs which look after your health and alert you about your health. Now, we are introducing you with world's first and most amazing technology, 'Withings Hair Coach O'.

Withings is smart hair brush, which keeps track of your hair's health. Designers have provided special features to this brush which captures hair health through hair's sound waves.

Supportive features of Smart Brush are:

1. It keeps the record of, Frizziness, Dryness, Split Ends and Breakage. 
2. Analyzes the force and rhythm of your brushing style.
3. It counts a number of strokes you make while combing your hair.
4. Vibrating handles guides you proper brushing techniques.
5. All the data will be available in you smartphone Kerastate application.


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