Smart name plate to be launched soon in India, payment of these things will be easy

This era of increasing technology has affected human life day by day, due to which we have to face difficulty in doing any work. At the same time, taking the country towards rapid development, the Government of India is now going to build 100 smart cities soon.

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Keeping this plan in mind, the government will install Smart Name Plate in people's homes. With which people will also get the support of QR code in it. This code will include information like family members, electricity bill and tax. Apart from this, the bill can be paid online.

Mobile will be operated: According to experts, the nameplate with this special technology has been made by the country's leading tech company Smart CT. Through which users scan the QR code and get information related to the house. At the same time, the work of installing electronic nameplates in more than one lakh houses of Ujjain has also been continued. Not only this but the people taking garbage in the houses will also have to scan the QR code, because the data of taking or not taking garbage will be recorded from it, besides people will get the location of the garbage car.

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There will be information about people's property from this nameplate. At the same time, the company's chief officer has said that users of this device will pay bills and taxes online. Where he has further said that it costs 500 rupees to make this nameplate.

Smart CT will be initiated in three phases: Smart CT will be made through retrofitting, re-development and green field. Talking about the first phase of retrofitting, the inhabited city will be resettled. Also, in the second phase of re-development, the government will make the city smart. At the same time, in the third phase of field development, the surrounding area is connected with the city. The smart whistle will be given 24 hours.

Sources say that under this scheme, the Government of India will provide 24-hour electricity-water and best public transport facilities in the smart city. Along with this, special care will be taken for education, solution to waste, the safety of women and environment.

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