Smart Trolleys At Hyderabad Airport: Harsh Goenka Impressed India's Tech Leap
Smart Trolleys At Hyderabad Airport: Harsh Goenka Impressed India's Tech Leap

Harsh Goenka, a well-known business leader and Chairman of the RPG Group, recently praised India's technological progress, particularly highlighting the introduction of 'smart' airport trolleys. He shared his admiration on his social media platform, stating that he hasn't seen such advanced trolleys even in developed countries.

In a tweet on his platform, Goenka expressed, "Amazing to see how ‘smart’ our country is getting. I have not seen these trolleys even at any developed country airports." He accompanied the tweet with the hashtag #IncredibleIndia.

Furthermore, Goenka shared a video showcasing the usage of these smart trolleys at Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.


Responding to his post, the Hyderabad Airport acknowledged the appreciation, emphasizing their commitment to enhancing passenger experience through advanced technology.

So, what exactly are these smart trolleys?

GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd. (GHIAL) introduced India's first IoT-enabled Smart Trolleys in 2020. Through a sophisticated Long Range Internet of Things (IoT) platform, GHIAL connected a fleet of 3000 baggage trolleys. This technological advancement allows passengers to easily track and locate baggage trolleys in real-time, aligning with the Digital India Programme's goal of improving digital connectivity.

GHIAL's initiative aims to eliminate the inconvenience of waiting for baggage trolleys by deploying this innovative technology. Equipped with the Long Range (LoRa) platform, these smart baggage trolleys enable efficient tracking and management of trolley availability throughout the airport.

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