Smartphones can be expensive up to 700 rupees, prices will increase in 15-20 days
Smartphones can be expensive up to 700 rupees, prices will increase in 15-20 days

If you are also planning to buy a smartphone, then buy a smartphone as soon as possible. Actually we are saying this because the prices of the smartphone are going to increase soon. With this, you will now ask why the prices of phones suddenly started increasing, so for your information, tell us that the coronavirus is behind it. Actually, due to the coronavirus spreading in China, raw materials are not being supplied from China in India, because the phones of all the companies are assembled in India but the mobile parts are supplied from China, but due to the coronavirus from China Mobile parts are not being supplied.

Apart from this, the phones of all companies like Vivo, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme may soon become expensive. Let us tell you that a few days ago, Xiaomi has increased the price of Redmi Note 8 by 500 rupees. Apart from this, according to the data given on 71,334 infected with corona virus all over the world, so far 71,334 people have been infected with corona virus all over the world. At the same time 1,775 people have died and 11,135 people have been saved. Most people are infected in Hubei, China. The number of people infected with corona in Hubei is 58,182.

According to Nikus Chopra, chief sales officer of megUS Mobile, the spread of Coronavirus in China could increase the prices of feature phones by 10 per cent and the prices of smartphones by up to 6-7 per cent. The increase in mobile prices can be seen in the next 15-20 days. For example, if the price of a phone is Rs 10,000, then its price can be Rs 10,600. At the same time, some of Apple's iPhones are made entirely in China. In such a situation, there may be an increase in the prices of iPhone. Apart from this, a distributor of Samsung phones from Delhi said that the stock of mobile parts will be over by March.

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