Children's future can improve with smartphone

Till now you have been advising your child to stay away from mobile. But maybe now you can give your mobile for your child to use. This may be because mobile has emerged as a new medium to teach mobile children in a country locked down due to corona virus. Many government and private schools are using it fiercely. While the children are very happy with this new digital environment of education, the teachers are also considering it very encouraging.

At present, many government-private schools in the country are trying to shape the future of children with smartphones and WhatsApp, YouTube and videos have become its carriers. Jayant Chaudhary, chairman of the International United Educational Fraternity, the chairman of thousands of public schools in the country and an organization of top representatives such as principals, told a media reporter that the way children read from smartphones is proving to be very effective.

Special teachers of each class are forming a WhatsApp group and sending materials to children to read in it. Video of the study material is made and uploaded to YouTube. Children study it by reading the material at their own convenience and try to understand it by watching the video. After that, they question their teacher through WhatsApp on the things they do not understand. Teachers also answer those questions from WhatsApp itself. Most of the problems of children are solved by this.

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