These Smartphone features might come in handy

Jun 29 2020 03:49 PM
These Smartphone features might come in handy

Smartphone has become the need of everyone today, no matter where you go, but you will need a smartphone everywhere. But if everyone is asked how much you know about your device, then hardly anyone will be able to answer it correctly. Just today, we will tell you about some special features related to smartphones, about which you are hardly aware.

Use two apps simultaneously
If you also want to use two apps simultaneously, you have to use the split-screen feature. For this, you first open an app and then tap on the three dots above it. Here you will see the split-screen written. Just tap on it. Now you can reduce or increase the screen of the app according to yourself. Use the same method for other apps.

How to activate two fingerprints
Many times it happens that we set the right-hand fingerprint in our phone but we get upset when the right hand is busy. To avoid such situation, you can add 5-5 fingerprints to your phone. For this, go to Security and Location in Settings and click on Fingerprint. After this, you will get the option of add fingerprint, from where you can add up to 5 fingerprints.

Leave worry about deletion of photo-video
By the way, if it does not happen to anyone, it is good but if someone loses their phone, then God is most concerned about the number, video, photo and files present in the phone. In this case, you can turn on Auto Backup. For this, go to System in the phone's settings and turn on the backup and select your Gmail ID and click on Backup Now. While doing this work on the Wi-Fi network, otherwise the phone's data can be lost if there are more files.

This will get rid of useless notifications
Most people get upset with repeated notifications. You must also be worried. So to get rid of this, you will have to press on incoming notifications for some time. Now you will see block and mute options here. Through these two features, you can stop the notification. If you want to stop the notification completely, click on the block option. Apart from this, you can turn off the notification for some time by clicking on the mute option.

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