WATCH: Hungry snake swallows itself in stomach-churning video

Aug 14 2019 04:35 PM
WATCH: Hungry snake swallows itself in stomach-churning video

Hungry people don't know what to do, but a snake recently ate itself to wipe out its hunger. You'll be surprised to hear how this can happen. A Kingsnake in a snake sanctuary in Pennsylvania was rescued by himself because he swallowed his own half-tail.

In fact, Jesse Rothacker of Forgotten friend Reptile Sanctuary said rescuers had seen Kingsneak eat himself on Friday. Kingsnake is known to eat other snakes. The snake swallowed its tail. But sometimes they accidentally swallow their own tail by eating, and when they cut their tail, they realize their mistake. But this is something different from the snake.

The video is quickly going viral on social media.  Rothacker uses many ways to save the snake but the snake swallows more part of its body. But in this case, Rothacker patted the snake on his nose to make him nervous. He explained that when the snake gets nervous, it stops eating. However, patting the snake was of no use. Watch the video here.

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