Snapchat to launch its premium version, users will have to pay money now

These days many social media platforms have started offering premium subscriptions. The latest name on this list is Snapchat. It has started the Snapchat Plus service in India. The company has been working on premium service for a long time. Whereas after the arrival of the Snapchat Plus service, users will have to pay to use the exclusive service and features of Snapchat. Social media apps have been looking for new ways to increase their income, because of this premium subscription is being used a lot by social media apps.

Prior to this Telegram and Twitter have also taken this step. Snapchat Plus service is the premium version of the famous social media app Snapchat, which has been launched targeting users who are able to spend money on extra services and features. Such users will be able to take advantage of those services and features, which will not be available to normal users. For this, users will have to take a monthly subscription to Snapchat Plus.

By the way, taking the Snapchat service does not mean that users will stop seeing ads on the app. Yes, whether Snapchat is normal or premium, every user will see ads. This is because the biggest revenue of Snapchat is from advertising. When you subscribe to the premium service of Snapchat Plus by spending money, you will get the benefit of these features and services.

Users can change the look of Snapchat's icon according to their own needs. Apart from this, even before the release of new features, Snapchat Plus users will be able to use them before normal users. With this, users will be able to see who has seen their Snapchat story again. Apart from this, users will be able to place a friend at the top of the chat history as Best Friend Forever (BFF).

Premium subscription charge- Users can buy a premium subscription to Snapchat Plus on the Snapchat app for Rs 49 per month.

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