Why Shilpa left 'Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai,' Know the reason

Talking of the comedy TV show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai today. After watching hardly anyone can control their laughter at all. Today we are going to share with you about actress Shilpa Shinde who played 'Angoori Bhabhi' in this TV show. Shilpa was associated with the TV serial from the beginning and the character of 'Angoori Bhabhi' played by her was also well received by the audience. However, Shilpa quit in 2016 after a dispute with the makers of the serial.
Shilpa Shinde had said in a testimony what was the real cause of the controversy. According to Shilpa, she had also talked to the makers about increasing her fees, which made things worse and so bad that the actress had made up her mind to quit the serial. Shilpa had said, 'What did I ask for? I worked very hard for this serial and Angoori's character I played was also very famous. I asked for 'Per Day' only after seeing my account. Shilpa adds, 'What was wrong with that? It was a small issue that could be easily resolved but the makers made it too big.'

According to media reports, after Shilpa Shinde left the serial, the makers had brought Shubhangi Atre to 'Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai' as her replacement. According to media reports, Shilpa has also accused Shubhangi of being a copycat then. However, on all these allegations, Shubhangi had said that she was just playing a character and not copying Shilpa.

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