So Can You Park The Cars At The Side Of The Road? Is It Safe?
So Can You Park The Cars At The Side Of The Road? Is It Safe?

When you buy a new car, you are very happy but you are afraid of car theft. And it happens that if you have parked your car at some place and if it is stolen you will get in trouble. 

The problem of car theft in big cities is increasing. Thieves also use different technologies to break the car's folk. In this case, you think about the safety of your car,  see how to save the car from being stolen. We tell you how to keep your car safe.

The government has issued instructions to car companies to install anti theft devices. Some companies are doing this by installing this device in luxury and expensive cars, but some are selling cars in the market without this. 

By the way, this device can be installed separately by going to the car market itself. With this device, car thieves can be caught easily. This device will come up to 10 to 12.50 thousand rupees in the car market, after installing this device, you will be able to find the car thieves stealing.

When you are going to buy a car, you can put other systems in the car separately such as alarms, steering locks, and gear lock systems, there are many other types of lock systems that can keep your car safe. 

You can also apply GCP system in cars, as it is nowadays in the taxis like Ola, Uber Cab. If these approaches are adopted, the possibility of the car being lost will be lost and in such cases, it will be easy to catch car thieves also.

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