So for this reason, dogs usually rush behind vehicles...
So for this reason, dogs usually rush behind vehicles...

Often you may have noticed that whenever a car runs fast, the crooks start barking behind it. There are times when dogs suddenly fall behind and you don't understand. Especially during the night. But the same dogs don't run behind that street car. You're afraid and don't understand how to stop them. So let's find out why dogs run a few carriages behind and not behind everyone.

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Today we're going to give you an answer to the question that's shocking. You know dogs have their own territory. They often decide their localities and identify everything in the locality. We are all aware of the ability of dogs to sniff. So he recognizes everything by smelling. That's why they run behind the car but find out which smells run away.

In fact, when a vehicle enters the area that smells of another dog's pee, it starts barking. Since there is no other dog intrusion in the area, they start running behind the car and are comparable to driving away. They don't want any other dog to come to their area, which makes them fall behind to drive them away.

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