Social Media platform Twitter blocks tweets from Trump's close aid
Social Media platform Twitter blocks tweets from Trump's close aid

In a recent move, social media platform Twitter has blocked some unnecessary ailments. Twitter blocked a post on Sunday from an attorney to President Donald Trump who recommended that masks do not work to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Scott Atlas, who entered the White House in August as a science adviser, had tweeted “Masks work? NO,” and said widespread use of masks is not supported. The tweet outraged a Twitter policy that prevents sharing false or misleading misinformation about Covid-19 that could lead to harm, a company spokesperson said.

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The policy bans statements that have been verified to be inaccurate or misleading by experts such as public health officials. In such cases, Twitter de-activates the account until its owner deletes the post in question. Trump has downplayed the importance of masks in reducing the spread of the virus, even after he contracted the disease, which has taken the lives of more than 215,000 Americans. “I don’t understand why the tweets were deleted,” Atlas said in an email, calling Twitter’s actions censorship.

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He said his tweet was aimed to show that “general population masks and mask mandates do not work,” and he clarified that the correct policy is to use masks when one cannot socially distance. Atlas added that infections exploded even with mandates in Los Angeles County, Miami-Dade County, Hawaii, Alabama, the Philippines, Japan and other places. Researchers have concluded that masks can control the spread of the virus, and public health experts have urged the public to wear them. But Trump and his team often go without masks while campaigning.

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