'If you have hemorrhoids, will you go barefoot?' Netizens questioning JDU's 'underwear' MLA

Patna: A picture of Gopal Mandal MLA from Bihar CM Nitish Yadav's party JDU is going viral on social media. In this picture, he is seen walking in only vests and underwear on the Tejas train. The bill has also clarified after the picture went viral and the complaint in the case. He attributed his behavior to a stomach upset.



Talking to media, JDU MLA Gopal Mandal said, 'Actually I was in underwear and vest because as soon as I boarded the train and went some distance, I had a bad stomach. I speak the truth of what I say. I don't lie.' Meanwhile, Gopal's friend Kunal Singh also came to his rescue, saying Gopal had diabetes and was going to Delhi for some work. According to him, Gopal could not go to the washroom with his clothes because of his weight, so he wore lungi and Gamcha. He was in a hurry after the train arrived, so he went into underwear. Meanwhile, a passenger spoke to him rudely. But he did not say anything to that passenger.



Tell you that many people are making fun of JDU MLA after his picture surfaced. A user named Sameer tells them, 'Don't wear a vest next time, you should know if you are wearing something underneath.' A user named Manish asked Gopal Mandal, 'Would the stomach have been distressed if had worn pants?' Duggu Seth says, 'If hemorrhoids occur, will you walk naked?'

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