Soft and fluffy roti can also be made from the flour kept in the fridge, know how?

There are many people in India who keep it in the fridge when it comes, so that they can use it again. By the way, roti is such a food without which people do not work. Yes and in many homes roti is eaten in both lunch and dinner. Although most people believe that making roti is not easy. Yes, many people know the method of making roti and also make roti daily but they complain that their roti is not soft or puffed. Yes, many people say that even if the roti is soft while making, then after keeping it for some time it is not fit to eat. Apart from this, many times people keep the kneaded dough in the fridge, due to which their bread does not become soft. For the time being, we are telling you about an easy way to make soft and fluffy roti from the dough kept in the fridge. Let's know.

Knead again with lukewarm water- If the dough was kept in the fridge, then knead the dough again before making roti from it. Yes and use lukewarm water for this. Keeping it in the fridge forms a hard layer on the upper surface of the dough and to remove this layer, the dough has to be kneaded again. Apply water and knead it from above. With this, make roti after the coldness of the fridge is released from the dough. It will be like fresh flour.

* While making roti of fresh flour and flour kept in the fridge, keep one thing in mind that if you are making roti by taking out the dough from the fridge and there is no time to knead it again, then do not bake the roti on very high flame. Yes, because by doing this the roti becomes like hard papad. Roast the rotis on medium flame.

* Do not make roti immediately after taking out the dough from the fridge. Keep in mind that first keep the dough at room temperature for a while. In fact, when the dough is taken out of the fridge, it cools down, due to which the taste of roti becomes different and does not cook soft even after rolling and baking it immediately.

With this method you can easily make a market-like pav bhaji at home.

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