Eclipse will start in the last year of 2019 and start of new year 2020, know what will be the effect

The year 2019 is towards its final stop. Solar eclipse is going to happen in the last days of 2019. This eclipse will happen on 26 December. This solar eclipse will be annular in which the sun will look like a ring. While there will be a solar eclipse on the last day of the year, in the new year 2020, the first eclipse of the year will also be held on January 10. This eclipse will be a lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse will begin on the night of January 10 at 10: 37 pm.

Last eclipse of 2019
On December 26, the last solar eclipse of the year will take place. This eclipse will start at 9.15 am Indian time, paramgrass will be at 12:10 pm and this pebble solar eclipse will end at 3.40 am.

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Where will the eclipse appear
The last solar eclipse of the year will be visible in India. According to the Indian calendar, solar eclipse always occurs on the new moon day. Apart from India, this solar eclipse will be visible in Southeast Europe, Northern parts of Australia, Fiji, Indian Ocean, Middle East Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central South China, Varma, Philippines, etc.

Sutak period in solar eclipse
Due to the solar eclipse appearing in India, the impact of Sutak will be there. The time of sutak will start one day before the eclipse. The sutak will start at 5:33 in the evening of 25 December and will end at 10:57 am the next day after the end of the solar eclipse.

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Importance of Sutak
Sutak has special significance in eclipse. In Hinduism, many kinds of work cannot be done if a sutak is applied. Sutak time is considered as inauspicious time.

Eclipse effect
5 planets will be under the influence of Rahu and Ketu on the solar eclipse. Sun and Moon will be in conjunction with Rahu-Ketu, due to which it will have a wide impact in the life of the natives.

Eclipse of the year 2020

First lunar eclipse
It will be seen on 10 January which can be seen in India.

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Second lunar eclipse
The second lunar eclipse of 2020 will take place on 5 June. The visibility of this lunar eclipse will remain in India.

Third lunar eclipse
Will be on 5 July 2020.

Fourth lunar eclipse
The last lunar eclipse of the year will be seen on 30 November. This eclipse will be visible in India.

First solar eclipse
Coming on 21 June. Will appear in India.

Second solar eclipse
Scheduled to take place on 14 December 2020.

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