Last solar eclipse of year is on December 14, Know Sutak period

New Delhi: The upcoming solar eclipse of the year is going to happen on 14 December 2020. The last lunar eclipse of the year was held on 30 November. If we consider astrology, the last solar eclipse of the year is going to be very important. The effect of solar eclipse is going to affect everyone this time. This time all the zodiac signs are going to be affected.

This time the solar eclipse will be visible in South America, South Africa and parts of the Pacific Ocean. The eclipse to be held on December 14-15 is going to be a solar eclipse. It is being said that it will be seen in India as well. This is going to be the last solar eclipse of the year. According to the information received, solar eclipse will start in India in the evening from 07 to 03 minutes. The eclipse of the solar eclipse will end at midnight on December 14, and December 15, 2020, at 12.23 minutes. If the almanac is believed, the solar eclipse is going to be about five hours.

The Sutak period will begin 12 hours before the eclipse. No auspicious work should be done during the Sutak period. It is said that during this time, small children and pregnant women should take special care and take the most care. If the Hindu calendar is believed, then this solar eclipse is going to happen in Scorpio and Jyestha constellation.

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