Last solar eclipse of this year, Know its importance and effects
Last solar eclipse of this year, Know its importance and effects

The year 2019 is ending with the eclipse. On December 26, there will be a solar eclipse which is the third eclipse of the year. Earlier, the first solar eclipse occurred on January 6 and the second on July 2. A solar eclipse that occurs on 26 December will be visible in India. Its earlier solar eclipse was not visible in India. Due to eclipse in India, the effect of sutak will occur this time. The eclipse has great significance from a religious and astrological perspective.

Solar eclipse 26 December 2019
The solar eclipse falling on 26 December 2019 is the last eclipse of the year. This solar eclipse can last from 08:17 minutes to 10:57 minutes on the new moon day of Pausha on Thursday.

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Where will the solar eclipse appear
The eclipse on December 26 will be seen in Europe, Australia, East Africa, Asia including India.

Sutak period in solar eclipse
Due to the solar eclipse appearing in India, the impact of Sutak will be there. The time of sutak will start one day before the eclipse. The sutak will start at 5:33 in the evening of 25 December and will end at 10:57 am the next day after the end of the solar eclipse.

Importance of sutak
Sutak has special significance in eclipse. In Hinduism, many kinds of work cannot be done if the sutak is applied. Sutak time is considered as inauspicious time.

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What not to do in eclipse
- Do not start any new work during the eclipse period.
- Cooking and eating food is prohibited at the time of sutak.
- The idol of gods and goddesses and the basil plant should not be touched.

What to do in eclipse
- At the time of eclipse, one should meditate and worship God.
- Recite mantras.
- Ganga water should be sprayed at home after eclipse ends
- Do not waste the food prepared before the sutak period, but purify the food by adding basil leaves in it.

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