Few Bizarre Challenges that will relish your Sex life

Feb 16 2017 03:51 PM
Few Bizarre Challenges that will relish your Sex life

Sex Life is a sector of a person’s day to day existence which may involve sexual activity. And couples usually want their sex life to be amazingly fabulous and lust enough to have fun and feel the presence of their beloved.

But here are some strange and aberrant challenges that should be done and experience by one of the partner while doing sex.

1#  Have sex without making a sound. No dirty talking. No whispers. No moans. Do it in complete silence, like you’re worried about getting caught by someone in the adjoining room.

2# Scroll down an adult website randomly clicks on something to buy for the bedroom and then use it as soon as it gets delivered to your apartment.

3# Have sex while wearing as many pieces of clothing as you can. Keep your heels on. Keep your skirt on. If you find a pair of crotch-less panties, you can even keep your underwear on.

4# Roleplay. Search through your closet and put together an outfit that your alter ego would wear. And then pretend to be that person.

5#  Try to create your own sex position. One that you’ve never used before or had even seen in the movies.

6# If you want a laugh more than an orgasm, put on the unsexiest song that you can find and try to turn each other on while it plays in the background.

7# Have sex while standing. No leaning on counters or against bedsheets.

8# Go out to dinner and touch each other underneath the table without anyone noticing.

9# Masturbate side-by-side. You’re allowed to look at each other. But you’re not allowed to touch each other.

10# Have sex without kissing your partner anywhere on their body. When your lips are taken out of the equation, you’ll have to find new ways to use your hands to get each other off. 

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