Important general knowledge questions about the country and world
Important general knowledge questions about the country and world

Friends, today we are giving you some such information related to the country and abroad through general knowledge questions and answers, which can be useful in any competitive exam. So let's know about some such questions with answers ...

Who was the 12th President of the country? - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Who was the founder of Nazism? - Hitler
Where is the National Defense Academy? - Kharagwasla
At which place does nuclear testing mostly take place? - Pokhran
What is mountain and mountain land called? - Valley
Where does Pushkar fair take place? - Jaipur
Who got Fatehpur Sikri constructed? - Mughal Emperor Akbar
When is the millet crop harvested? - October November
What was the name of Buddha's childhood? - Siddharth
Where was the first port established by the British in India? - face
In which state is the Bhankara Nangal Dam located? - Punjab
Which is the 29th state of India? - Telangana
Which is the most famous place for oil in India? - Digboi Assam
Which is the national bird of India? - Peacock
Which is the longest dam in India? - Hirakud Dam

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