Do you know A healthy heart Pumps 5 liter of blood every minute? Learn More facts

Aug 01 2019 02:13 PM
Do you know A healthy heart Pumps 5 liter of blood every minute? Learn More facts

One of the vital organs of the body is the heart from which your breath moves and you survive. It is only with the help of blood that reaches the entire body and all the organs are able to work well. There are many things that you know about the heart, and what is the main function of it. But today we're going to give you some interesting heart-warming information that you hardly know.

* Men weigh between 300 and 350 grams on average, while women's hearts weigh between 250 and 300 grams.

* The right side of the heart just rubs blood to the lungs while the left side to the rest of the body.

* The first successful heart surgery occurred in 1893. In 1950 the first successful man-made valve was inserted into a person's day.

* If your heart continues to receive enough oxygen, it will continue to work even when it is separated from the body.

* An average person's heart beats 72 times a minute, one million times a day and 3 million 60 million times a year. This figure reaches 250 million throughout the lifetime.

* Our heart starts working when we are 4 weeks in our mother's stomach.

* Every minute your heart pumps 5 and a half liters of blood. Throughout life, it pumps so much blood that it can fill up 100 large swimming bridges.

* Our heart pumps blood with so much pressure that if it has to pump blood out of the body then the blood will reach a height of 30 meters.

* 75 million cells of the body receive blood from the heart except for the corns of the eyes.

* Often we have read and heard that our heart is on the left side, but it is not so, our heart is in the middle of our chest but it is left and slightly tilted.

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