Things revealed by women which should not be done during the time of sex

Feb 13 2017 03:33 PM
Things revealed by women which should not be done during the time of sex

We’re all about exploring the unknown in order to spice up the sex life. But in the process, you might have a moment where you think: "Never. Again."

Yes, we’re talking about the sex acts you vow to never repeat as long as you shall live.No matter how open you might be about sexuality, and how adventurous under the sheets, there's always many things which must not be done during sex. Some of the women have revealed about those things:-

1) I wouldn't go down on a guy who is uncut. Just, no. Most men don't clean properly, and I am not even curious about what I might find tucked away under the skin.

2) I would never have someone pee on me. I've peed on a guy once, and it was alright. But, I wouldn't have it the other way round.

3) I would never do the whole golden showers thing, like ever. Also, I don't like threesomes because they take the attention away. 

4) “I'll never use those free promotional condoms again. They aren't to be trusted.” 

5) A guy I was dating wanted me to do a sex move he saw in a porn. It consisted of me doing a shoulder stand and him standing above me and entering me. Not only was it uncomfortable and unsexy, but when I came down from the shoulders and I ripped the biggest queef of my life.

6) No more shower sex. It gets slippery in there. Also, water in your face is only sexy in movies.

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