Sometimes acting...sometimes dancing and sometimes Sonali Kulkarni has stolen the hearts of people with her pictures"

Today is the birthday of actress Sonali Kulkarni, who has earned a big name by introducing her artistry in Marathi movies. Sonali has worked in Marathi as well as Bollywood films. Sonali was born on this day i.e. on 18 May 1988 in Pune. Today she has completed 34 years. Sonali started her film career in the movie 'Bakula Namdev Scam; was done from Sonali was also praised a lot in her very first movie.

Sonali was also a famous Lavani dancer before joining Movies. Sonali was also greatly appreciated in the famous song 'Apsara Aali'. Sonali got her real identity from this song and she came in limelight. Sonali was the lead dancer in Apsara Aali. Sonali has acted in more than 30 Marathi films. Along with this, she has also appeared in Bollywood films. Sonali took entry in Bollywood with the film 'Grand Masti'. After this, she has also appeared in the films Singham Returns and Hope and Hum.

Sonali remains in a lot of headlines due to her films as well as hot pictures. Often his hot photos keep going viral on social media. Sonali also competes with Bollywood actress in terms of hotness. Sonali has now become a well-known name in the Marathi film industry.

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