Sometimes the husband cheated on this woman... so made a relationship with 8 men"

After 22 years of marriage, a woman has come to know a few things about her husband's affair. This was confessed by the husband himself to the woman. The husband had been cheating on his wife for a long time and the wife remained unaware of this. He has also given a big shock to the wife after the truth came out.

After some time of the affair, the woman has also divorced her husband. After which he has started living his life in his own style. The 51-year-old woman's name is Laura Friedman Williams. Laura is a writer by profession. They also have three children. She said that about four years ago, she had separated from her husband because she had come to know about her husband's affair. Laura has said that her romantic life with her husband was also boring.  According to 'The Mirror', Laura Friedman had said that after five months of separating from her husband, she started living independent lives and started dating different men through dating apps. She has also romanced 8 men.

The woman romanced openly: According to media reports, Laura has done many more things about her new life. He can now do whatever he wants. Whether anyone can judge them or not. She also opened up about her relationship and sex life,  and Laura says that in the middle of going on a date with someone, she puts forward her priorities. However, many times they have also gone through bad experiences. Laura also claims that she has only learned to satisfy men by asking them what they want and like. His age is not coming in the way of this work. 

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