Dad had only 6 months left, son gave new life!

Thousands of people in the world believe that nothing is more than a family, but there are only a few who can prove it. A similar story is currently in the news. In this story, a son has set an example by giving a new life to his ailing father. According to the information received, the young man's father had lost his liver and the doctor had said that he did not have much time and would have to undergo a liver transplant at the earliest. In view of the need for a donor, the son donated 65 per cent of his liver to Dad and won the hearts of the whole world. The story was shared on Instagram by the 'Humans of Bombay' page which is not stopping people's tears.


The boy says, ''When Papa was diagnosed with liver failure, I was shocked! He never smoked or drank. And when the doctor said, 'Without a donor, he has 6 months to live' I felt helpless. Papa told me, 'I don’t want to die. I want to see you graduate!' Our home became morose. And during that time, the 2nd COVID wave hit; I got the virus! While isolating, I’d cry, I’m not there for Dad when he needs me!' To keep Papa positive, I’d video call him & let him beat me in Ludo. We’d reassure each other that we’ll get through this. But after I recovered, Papa got the virus! He was rushed to the hospital regularly so I’d sit beside him & study for my exams. I couldn’t bear to see Dad suffer anymore! So I told my family, ‘I’m going to save him. I’ll donate my liver!’ Fortunately, I was a match, but I had a fatty liver. I had to donate 65% of my liver for him. So I exercised & ate properly. After several tests, I was told I was healthy for surgery! I was relieved but Papa sobbed! He told me, ‘What if you develop complications? I won’t forgive myself!’ But I told him, ‘Your battle is mine. We’re not going to lose!’ We used our savings worth Rs. 20 lakh for the surgery. Maa would cry, ‘My lifelines are going into surgery!’ Knowing we could possibly lose our lives made Papa & me anxious. But Papa would joke, 'I’ll beat you in Ludo when this is over!''

The boy further said ''His positivity helped me concentrate & I passed my exams! And 2 days before our surgery, I graduated! Papa said, ‘I was scared I wouldn't see this day. You've made me the happiest Dad in the world!’ We had only one more test to pass & I prayed for the surgery to go smoothly. When I woke up after my surgery, the doctor smiled at me & said, ‘You’ve saved your Papa!’ I cried happy tears. When Papa and I saw each other’s scars, he said, ‘We fought this battle together & won!’ The tension we felt for months had evaporated! And in fact, the journey to recovery was fun! We learnt how to operate our wheelchairs together & spent time playing Ludo. Today, we’re both fit. If this experience has taught us anything, it’s that life is uncertain & that family is everything… except if it’s a game of Ludo; then it’s all about winning!'' This story is becoming an inspiration for so many people at the moment.

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