Sonakshi got agitated, yet once again, prefers to be real

Sep 15 2019 03:27 PM
Sonakshi got agitated, yet once again, prefers to be real

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha believes that it is important for eminent people to keep their true form in front of them. That's because people like them. Sonakshi points out that when she goes out or is mouthed by people, she does not believe in artificial portrayal, because artificialness can't take anyone anywhere.

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Sonakshi Sinha, speaking to PTI-language recently, said, "Being real is very important, especially if you are in a position to influence people. Keeping reality alive is extremely important. Artificiality doesn't take you anywhere in life."

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Actress Sonakshi Sinha has said, "My real form only establishes a direct connection between me and the fans. I love being real when I'm getting in touch with people on social media or other means, and even when I'm doing some posts, I like to do it myself, I love being real." So she's busy shooting the movie Dabang-3 these days.

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