Sonam Kapoor, angry at Donald Trump, says "Wasting time on pointless things"

Mar 31 2020 04:20 PM
Sonam Kapoor, angry at Donald Trump, says

The whole world is fighting with the coronavirus. Everyone is being seen in their homes. People are ready to fight this virus by staying at home. Bollywood celebs are also included in this list. Recently, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has expressed displeasure over a tweet by US President Donald Trump. Sonam Kapoor has expressed her anger on social media. Their discussions have been taking place since their anger.

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At this time everyone is fighting with Corona and it is being reported to China responsible for the virus. Many great people have lost their lives and now recently, US President Donald Trump tweeted a tweet. He wrote in his tweet, 'I am a very good friend and admirer of Britain and Her Highness. It was said that Harry and Meghan, who had left the royal family, would live in Canada permanently. Now he has left Canada for America. However, the US will not bear the burden of spending on security arrangements, they will have to pay it.

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On seeing this tweet, Sonam got angry and retweeting it wrote, 'Americans must be embarrassed at the moment. Instead of actually thinking about the global epidemic, which has so far damaged many lives. Rather, you are wasting your time on pointless things. You all will know that Sonam gives impeccable statements on the day and due to her statements, she is often seen in the headlines. This post of Sonam Kapoor is becoming quite viral. Recently, Sonam shared a video with the fans to escape from Corona and in that video, Sonam said, "Hello, due to Coronavirus, I appeal to you to pay attention to some things to protect yourself and others. Unless necessary, do not make non-essential trips by train. Where there is more congestion at the railway station and platform, there is a higher risk of infection spreading, so for the safety of yourself and others, avoid visiting these places and postpone your train journeys. Wherever you are, stay there. Your step will help in preventing the corona from spreading.

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