Sonia and Priyanka arrive in Rae Bareli, slams Congress workers

Jun 13 2019 02:50 PM
Sonia and Priyanka arrive in Rae Bareli, slams Congress workers

Rae Bareli: United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Chairperson Sonia Gandhi arrived in her constituency of Rae Bareli on Wednesday (June 12) for a one-day visit. Her daughter and national general secretary of the Congress party Priyanka Vadra were also present. In the meantime, she met the leader-activist at the Bhumau Guest House.

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During the meeting, the Congress deliberated on the assembly elections in 2022. Priyanka Gandhi was seen fuming at the Congress gratitude Conference. According to the information, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said that I do not review the speech here, I want to express my feelings. They have said that you supported, but the truth will be bitter. In this election, the people of Rae Bareli have brought Sonia Gandhi. In the Lok Sabha elections, all Congress workers did not work wholeheartedly.

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Priyanka Vadra has told the workers that you are all aware of those who have worked with you wholeheartedly and who have not worked with the heart, I will take information about it. Priyanka Vadra has told Karyakartas that I have always said that elections are fought by the organisation. Make up your mind, work from the heart, then have to contend.


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