VIDEO: Fan tied Rakhi to Sonu Sood and tried to touch his feet, the actor did this
VIDEO: Fan tied Rakhi to Sonu Sood and tried to touch his feet, the actor did this

Sonu Sood has won the hearts of the people amidst the corona epidemic. The way he has helped people is commendable. Sonu came out as the Messiah and continued to help everyone and is still doing so. Now a video of Sonu Sood touching everyone's hearts has surfaced amidst. In the past too, a video of Sonu had employed an unemployed youth. During that time, the video had won the hearts of the people.



Now another video of Sonu Sood has surfaced which has made people happy. The video is said to be from outside Sonu Sood's house. It was shared by trade analyst Ramesh Bala on his Twitter handle. You can see Sonu Sood meet people gathered outside his house in this video, one of whom tied rakhi to Sonu Sood. As soon as the woman tried to touch Sonu Sood's feet after tying rakhi, the actor immediately stopped her and asked him not to do so and then folded his hands in front of the woman. The woman then told Sonu Sood that 'he is like his brother'.

Now this video of Sonu Sood is going viral on social media and touching the hearts of the people. After watching this video, a fan wrote, 'Sir, in the Corona period, you are not the hero of the poor, but sir. In my prayers, I remember you and pray to God that for you to be healthy'. Another wrote: "A great man and a hero. I also have to meet you". Another also wrote in the comment, 'When a sister ties rakhi, it means that the brother will protect her from every evil.  Sonu Sood is a protector and truly worthy of Rakhi. The video is now seen going viral. 

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