Sonu Sood into trouble by helping the needy, shared whatsapp chat in defense

May 18 2021 11:33 AM
Sonu Sood into trouble by helping the needy, shared whatsapp chat in defense

Actor Sonu Sood, who became the messiah in the covid period, has recently been facing shocking charges. A DM shared Sonu Sood's tweet saying that people have registered a case against the actor. When the controversy escalated, the actor himself came forward and responded to the case. Sonu Sood retweeted DM's post and shared screenshots of some WhatsApp chats and advised them to double check. Social media users have come out in support of Sonu's reply.

Advice to double check: According to media reports, Sonu Sood wrote in his latest tweet: 'Sir, we never claimed that help has been sought from you, we have been approached by the needy ourselves and we arranged a bed for them. I am also sharing some chats for you. Your office is doing a great job and you can double check we have also helped him.  I sent you his number in the message, Jai Hind'.

DM took sonu sood's name: For information we tell us that earlier a post was shared by collector of Ganjam district of Odisha and official Twitter account of DM. He said, 'We have not been contacted by the Sonu Sood Foundation or the actor. The said patient is in home isolation and is in stable condition. There is no bed problem at all. It is being monitored by Berhampur Municipal Corporation'.


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