Sonu Sood helped the victims of the Odisha train accident and provided the helpline number

Helpline Set Up By Sonu Sood For Odisha Train Accident The Odisha train accident sent shockwaves through the entire nation. To assist the victims who lost loved ones in the Odisha train accident, Sonu Sood has made this significant effort.

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is adored by his audience for both his acting and his kindness. He has consistently offered his assistance through social media. He helped with a number of family meetings during the Corona period. The actor has now demonstrated his generosity once more. Helping the families of the victims who lost loved ones in the tragic train accident in the Balasore district of Odisha is now Sonu Sood's responsibility. Through his tweets, he has helped others.

Sonu Sood sent a touching message on June 3 to the families of those who lost loved ones in the Odisha train accident, expressing his condolences. The actor has since sent out a tweet in support of the Odisha train tragedy victims. The actor tweeted that he was helping the victims of the Odisha train tragedy who lost their families rebuild their lives. To reach the greatest number of people, he also tweeted the phone number of his charitable foundation. On social media, fans are thanking the actor for stepping forward to assist the victims in Odisha.

Sonu Sood had previously tweeted a video in support of the Odisha train accident victims. He said, "In Odisha, there was a terrible train accident yesterday. As a result, the nation as a whole is currently in mourning. Who is being thought about? Who has endured this suffering?

It is extremely sad that we lament, tweet, and then resume our daily activities. But what about those individuals who left their homes in order to find work in Chennai? I don't think the people from the small families who died will ever be able to stand aside.

On social media, people are thanking Sonu Sood for his generosity. "This is what was expected of you, brother, and this time, too, you lived up to your expectations," one user commented. Kitni barjitoge bhai, ek hi to dil hai. A warm greeting to you from an Indian citizen

Another user commented, "Thank you, sir, for helping his family." The son of a farmer, labourer, and poor man who was going to work in another state met with a train accident."

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