Sony Announces Price Increase for PlayStation Plus Subscriptions
Sony Announces Price Increase for PlayStation Plus Subscriptions

Tokyo: In a recent announcement, Sony revealed its plans to implement price increases for its PlayStation Plus yearly subscriptions, effective from September 6, 2023. This decision has stirred discussions within the gaming community, prompting a closer examination of the pros and cons associated with the altered pricing structure.

The revised prices for the PlayStation Plus subscriptions are as follows:

  • Essential: The yearly fee for the Essential tier will rise to $80 from the previous $60. This package offers essential features like online multiplayer access, monthly free games, and valuable discounts on the PlayStation Store.
  • Extra: The Extra tier, which encompasses all the benefits of the Essential plan along with access to a library of up to 400 downloadable games, will now cost $135 annually, compared to the previous $100.
  • Premium: The Premium tier, boasting all the advantages of the Extra plan plus a collection of up to 340 classic PlayStation games, cloud streaming capabilities, and early access to game trials, will see its price increase to $160 per year, up from the previous $120.

It is important to note that this price adjustment will have a global impact, affecting PlayStation Plus subscribers in all regions. However, the costs for monthly and quarterly subscriptions will remain unchanged.

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The rationale behind this pricing alteration has not been explicitly provided by Sony. Nevertheless, industry observers speculate that factors such as escalating development expenses and the growing competition from Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service may have played a role in this decision.

For those currently subscribed to PlayStation Plus, the increased prices will not take effect until their next renewal date. However, for individuals contemplating a subscription, it might be prudent to act prior to the price hike on September 6, 2023.

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Delving into the merits and demerits of this pricing adjustment:


Competitive Pricing: Despite the increase, the new pricing remains comparatively more affordable than Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service, potentially providing a cost-effective option for gamers.

Value-Packed Premium Plan: The Premium tier's expanded offerings, including a substantial selection of classic games, cloud streaming capabilities, and early game trials, can be perceived as providing ample value for the increased cost.

Moderate Increase: The price hikes are not as drastic as some may have anticipated, potentially alleviating the initial shock to existing subscribers.


Price Shock: Despite the moderate nature of the increase, the adjusted rates might still come as a surprise to long-standing subscribers accustomed to the older prices.

Subscription Decline Risk: There exists a possibility that the price hike might dissuade potential subscribers from joining the PlayStation Plus service, potentially leading to a decline in the subscriber base.

Service Alterations: The increased prices might prompt Sony to make changes to the PlayStation Plus offerings, such as reducing the number of monthly free games, which could impact the perceived value of the subscription.

In summation, Sony's decision to raise PlayStation Plus subscription prices is a nuanced development. The positive and negative aspects must be weighed by individual gamers to determine if the revised prices align with their preferences and budget.

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If you find yourself on the fence, it could be beneficial to wait until September 6, 2023, when the updated PlayStation Plus service is launched. At that point, perusing reviews from other users can provide valuable insights into the new offerings and their reception. Additionally, Sony is offering a 7-day free trial period for the service, providing an opportunity to experience it firsthand before committing to a subscription.

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