Sony to cut Play Station 4 price by half

May 16 2019 02:28 PM
Sony to cut Play Station 4 price by half

According to a recently released report, the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console has been sold twice as big as Microsoft's Xbox One for more than five years. This suggests that the platform for gaming from the Japanese corporation is much stronger for all buyers than the child of the American brand. However, against the backdrop of an ever-increasing number of rumors about the next-generation console, demand for the PS4 started to fall sharply at the beginning of this year.

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That is why in recent months, Sony has been so active in all sorts of sales, all of which are aimed at attracting more attention to the PS4. However, this is clearly not enough, and that's why very soon Sony is planning to cut the price of Play station 4 by half, which will be a big surprise for everyone. That such information was announced by well-known industry analyst Michael Patterson, who has already made many forecasts about the future of the entire gaming industry.

According to the expert, only in this way the manufacturer will be able to save demand for its console before the presentation, and maybe even before the sale of the next generation of consoles, which is expected to be released at the end of 2020. According to the expert, the game console Sony PlayStation 4 will be twice as cheaper than before, already in May-June, that is, in the next few weeks. To do this, Sony must make a public statement and lower the price tag on the PS4 for all buyers around the world at their branded outlets

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