Sophia Hayat's answer to Rakhi leave you speechless
Sophia Hayat's answer to Rakhi leave you speechless

The self proclaimed nun Sophia Hayat who transformed herself from a sexy model-actress to a nun was extremely shocking to everyone. As all know, she can do anything to be in headlines so this time nun.

It was assumed that Sophia becomes nun was just a publicity gimmick.And here we go, it is absolutely right. She became nun just for publicity. She recently shared a picture in crop top and jeans showing off her cleavage. That sudden change leads to many question and as Sophia is, she quick in answering it.

Rakhi Sawant asked Sofia Hayat,“What happened to u dear Sofia u r not mother anymore”.

And you will be shocked to hear the quick answer of Sophia, she wrote to Rakhi,“Yes still mother…cosmic Mother is everything…I have to be everything”

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