Mother meets daughter who died four year ago due to this miracle of science

Feb 13 2020 04:52 PM
Mother meets daughter who died four year ago due to this miracle of science

Can anyone meet a dead person again? You will say no, it is not possible. Science has now made this possible. A mother was able to meet her dead daughter again with the 'miracle' of science, who died 4 years ago in 2016, due to a disease. This peculiar incident is from South Korea. There used to be a TV show called 'Meeting You'. In this show itself, a mother was scientifically introduced to her dead daughter. During this time, the mother also touched her dead daughter, talked to her and loved her a lot. Not only this, the deceased daughter also promised her mother that she would come to meet her mother again.

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According to media reports, the mother's name is Zhang Ji-sung and her deceased daughter's name is Neeon. The two met through virtual reality. Virtual reality is an artificial environment or scene created using computer hardware tools and software. This artificial environment or scene is presented in such a way that it seems that everything is true. According to reports, Zhang Ji-sung's daughter Neeon's body was rebuilt through virtual reality and made to look exactly like she was. After this, her voice was cast and her talk was made to her mother in the TV show 'Meeting You'. During this time, as soon as Zhang saw her daughter, she started crying wildly and started loving her. Seeing this view, Neeon's father and her siblings also sat in the audience gallery.

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However, now this issue has become a matter of discussion in the whole world whether it is right to do so. It is right to introduce a dead person to his family because it can also threaten the mental condition of the family. Professor Blay Whitby of the University of Sussex says that we do not know what psychological impact a mother will have on meeting her dead daughter. She may be happy with this or she will miss her dead daughter even more.

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