Special dishes made from moong dal, know a recipe
Special dishes made from moong dal, know a recipe

You would hardly have made this special dish of green moong dal. If not, then learn this nutritious recipe 

Ingredients - green moong dal - one cup, ginger - one teaspoon, green chili - one, green coriander - two tablespoons, green garlic - two tablespoons, salt - as per taste, native ghee or butter - to roast.

Method of preparation - Wash and clean green moong dal and let it soak in water for two and a half hours. Then drain its water. Now separate two tablespoons of soaked lentils and grind the remaining lentils finely in a grinder. Now add soaked lentils, finely chopped ginger, green chilies, green coriander, green garlic, and salt to this ground lentil and mix well. Now make a medium-sized pancake on a hot griddle with the help of a spoon from this mixture and roast it well by applying butter or country ghee on both sides. Serve the prepared Pesarattu with coconut chutney, curd, pickle, or green chutney.

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