Speed of Corona halves in Delhi, doctors expresses happiness

New Delhi: The situation of corona has already been improved in Delhi. Here, patients are getting 2 times in more than 40 days. Patients have increased twice in the country in 20 days. According to this, the number of infected people is seen increasing at half the speed in comparison to the national level in Delhi. According to the Health Department, on 22 June, the number of infected here was more than 6 lakh 85 thousand. Now it has exceeded 1 lakh 37 thousand. That is, it took 41 days for the patients to be double. In the first 20 days, this figure has doubled. Here in the beginning of June, the cases of Covid started increasing rapidly, during which the number of deaths has also seen a boom.

The first infected corona in Delhi came on 3 March. This figure reached 1 thousand on 11 April. On April 28, there were 4000 cases. After which patients were getting 2 times in an average of 13 days. In the month of July, more than 46 thousand cases of infection occurred. Due to which patients braked at double the speed. Now this number is doubling in more than 40 days.

The peak of Covid's cases came on June 23, when more than 3 thousand 900 new cases were reported in a single day. Then an average of 2300 infected people are exposed daily. Now this number is 1200 on average. Now the recovery rate has also reached close to 90 percent.

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