Spell correct the Brand Names otherwise magic of Brands Fails

Pronunciation problem is always the biggest threat for the Indian. It is very much oblivious to have that problem because brands always don’t have English names or English accent.

Some brands have Spanish accents like L’Oreal Paris and Dolce&Gabbana have Italian accent because of it the surname of two Italian localities. It is biggest fashion fail if you don’t spell the brand name correctly. If you want to show off your highly priced dresses of any brand in your friend circle, then defiantly you have to know what the correct pronunciation of that particular brand name is.

So, here I am going to tell you want it wrong and what is the right pronunciation of 5 most famous and expensive fashion brands. And defiantly it will help you to impress others with your fashion sense as well.

  1. Givenchy - You normally spell it as Give-ven-chee but the right one is Zjhee-von-shee.
  2. Hermes - You normally spell it as Her-meez But the right one is Er-Mez. (H is normally silent in fashion brands)
  3. Louis Vuitton - You normally spell it as Loo-is Voo-ton but the right one is Loo-wee Vee- tan. Definitely, it is easy to notify LV, but be a professional and pronounce the big one.
  4.  Versace - You normally spell it as Ver-sah-shay but the right one is Ver- sah- chee.
  5.  Yves Saint Laurent - You normally spell it as Eves Sahnt Loor-ant and the right one is Eve San Lau-ron

So, these are the 5 Fashion Brand, I will continue to help you with others as well in my next post.


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