Spiderman actor unveils shocking secret

Hollywood actor James Franco, who has become popular all over the world with the 'Spiderman' movie, is currently in the news. He has broken his silence nearly 4 years after the sexual harassment charges levelled against him. He has admitted in a shocking revelation that he was battling sex addiction. He used to sleep with his own actor school students. However, he has been working for the past several years to improve his behaviour.

James Franco revealed in the middle of an interview that he used to sleep with students while teaching them. He has said, 'He used to sleep with students and he was wrong. The actor has also said that he did not start school to lure women due to sex addiction.' He has said, 'At that time, My thinking was that if it was consensual, it was okay. I was not clear at that time.'

James Franco was accused of sexual harassment 4 years ago. Now, after so many years, he has broken his silence in the case and explained everything in the detail. The Los Angeles Times reported that 5 women had alleged Franco's misconduct. Subsequently, in 2019, two women have registered a case against James. The actor was accused of exploiting those who wanted to become actors in school (which is now closed) and making young women shoot sex scenes.

Franco said he was addicted to alcohol at a young age, after which he also became addicted to sex addiction. He has said, 'This is a very powerful drug.' Continuing, he has said that he has been recovering from sex addiction since 2016. After being accused against them, he is doing a lot of work on it and trying to change himself. He said, 'I don't want to hurt people.' James is an actor as well as a filmmaker and writer. He is known for his stellar performances in several hit movies including Spiderman Trilogy, Milk, Rise of the Planet of Apps.

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