Spokesperson for the Assam Congress accuses BJP activists of attacking her

Naiwritaa Joy Shukla, a spokesperson for the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee, claims she was attacked by several BJP "gundas" in Sonai on Friday.

In a tweet, Naiwritaa claimed that she was assaulted by BJP activists while campaigning for the Municipality Board. She did not, however, mention any names. BJP workers attacked her, according to Manjit Mahanta, chief of the APCC media department. 

Naiwritaa in a Tweet said, “During my campaigning today in Sonai, Cachar I was attacked by BJP gundas. The goon asked me to Jai Shri Ram & when I told him it’s Jai Sita Ram & Har Har Mahadev he attacked and then gave death threats. We will be never scared of such goons & we will always fight for the people.”

A statement from the APCC said, “While she was returning to her car after campaigning in the area, some BJP gundas gheraoed her. She was chanting Har Har Mahadev… But they asked her to chant ‘Jai Shree Ram and started asking her whether she is a Hindu or not.” 

“After being told by her that it’s not Jai Shree Ram they should shout but Jai Sita Ram, they got very agitated and started attacking her and people accompanying her threatening them to cut their bodies into pieces and throw in river”, the statement added.

She went on to say that dividing people based on religion or caste is never an option. "These differences have made ordinary people's life miserable," she added. She added that there are no jobs, income and the economy is dropping day by day but the BJP seem to be not caring at all.

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