Try this position if you want to enjoy sex comfortably

Sep 10 2019 07:28 PM
Try this position if you want to enjoy sex comfortably

Although there are hundreds of positions to have sex, there are very few positions that most people like. Many people want to use sex slowly and enjoy it. Many people do not like to experiment too much with sex, while some believe that the real enjoyment of sex comes only when you try new positions every day. Spooning is one such sex position which is very much liked in many countries. In a way, it is a very relaxed sex position. It is believed that when you are physically tired but still feel like having sex, then you can try this position.

When you are in each other's arms, do not immediately get into the affair of having sex, rather spend a lot of time kissing each other and pouring a loving tip. Kiss them gently on their cheeks, ears or the back of the neck. Kissing you slowly will fill both of you with excitement.

During the spooning, do not lie in only one position the whole time, this changes the work into boredom in a short time. Instead, change your position or change the position of your arms and legs and try to get closer to them.

This position has been created only because you do not have to put any effort into it. Therefore, both the partners set such positions behind each other that the majority of your body is affixed to their body. While having sex in this position, do not move too much or else it can spoil the fun.

In this position, it is most important that your body is completely affixed to them. To increase the romance further, both of you breathe together and feel each other's heartbeat. Rub their aphrodisiacs with your hands. Soon, both of you will be at the peak of excitement.

Filling each other in arms, kissing them, make them all part of your foreplay and pay more attention to them. These things completely set the mood of both of you and then you are able to enjoy this comfortable sex position in the right way.

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