Spread more and more awareness among people this Dengue Prevention Day.

Dengue Day is celebrated every year on 16 May by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The reason behind celebrating any day is to create awareness among people about that disease. There comes a time of dengue in India, when there is a crisis of this disease. This disease comes during the monsoon and most of the people fall prey to this disease at this time. The breeding season of dengue mosquitoes also begins with the monsoon. The government has so far promoted a lot of awareness about this disease.

When do dengue mosquitoes breed?: Dengue mosquitoes mostly breed between July and October. Due to the accumulation of water during monsoon, there is a greater risk of dengue mosquito breeding. Therefore, with the onset of summer and after some time after the coolers are installed in people's homes, quality checks are also started in your homes. The government does this every year. From this it can be guessed that this disease is still as deadly and it is very important to have complete information about it.

Dengue mosquito is different from common mosquito: The name of dengue mosquito is called Aedes. Dengue disease is caused by the bite of this mosquito. It is completely different from common mosquitoes. Not only this, these mosquitoes mostly bite in the light. It has also been said in many reports that these mosquitoes bite in the morning. It needs more care in the morning and during the day time or when there is light. Maja Aedes is not capable of flying high and this is the reason that it mostly bites below the knees. It is a myth that dengue mosquitoes breed only in dirty water. If these mosquitoes breed in clean areas and in clean water, then everyone needs to take care of it.

How to know After 3 to 5 days of its bite, symptoms of fever etc.

How to defend?
Do not store clean or dirty water in any vessel.
Change the cooler water also daily and if possible add some kerosene oil to it.
Keep the water tank covered with a lid.
Keep the windows closed with mesh or mirrors and also keep the doors closed so that mosquitoes cannot enter the house.
Use mosquito nets or sprays to avoid mosquitoes.
Change the water in the aquarium, vase, etc. every week.

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