Squid Game copy seller sentenced to death, know full case

Netflix is seeing a lot of interest among the audience about the streaming web series Squid Game. Meanwhile, news of the Squid Game has surfaced, causing panic among Koreans. A man has been sentenced to death for distributing copies of Squid Game here. According to reports, the accused had obtained a copy of the show by smuggler in China, which he had brought back to Korea in the North.

According to media reports, the criminal sold copies of the Squid Game show on USB flash drive.  The court then sentenced the smuggler accused to death. Where it has been revealed that movies and web series made in South Korea are completely banned in North Korea. The man is selling a full copy of the Squid Game in North Korea. On which Kim Jong-un's government has sentenced the smuggler to death.

Not only that, the court has also not spared children who have seen a copy of the Squid Game secretly. This copy was secretly purchased by a school student and watching with a friend of his. The investigating committee has also suspended the school principal's teacher and sentenced all those students to life imprisonment. There are reports that 'Squid Game' is Netflix's hit web series, which was released on Netflix a while ago. Some people in the series who are fighting a lot of financial constraints play a game so that they can win a lot of money.

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