Stan Lee's death shocked entire Hollywood Industries, this was the reason for the death

There is no one who does not know Hollywood's famous comic writer Stan Lee, who always used to remain in discussions for his comics and movie scripts. Today is the birth anniversary of Stan Lee, let us tell you that he was born on this day that is 28 December 1922. But Stan Lee had passed away three years ago today, the news of his death surprised everyone. So let's know how Stan Lee died, what is the ego reason.

3 years ago today, on November 18, 2018, Stan Lee bid farewell to the world at the age of 95. Stan Lee was an actor considered the face of comic book culture in the US. Stan Lee was then called the father of Marvel Comics Recently it was heard that Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee passed away, causing cardiac arrest and respiratory problems.

This was stated in a death certificate issued by The Made Kill Department of Los Angeles. Stan Lee reportedly died on November 12 at The Cadres-Sinai Medical Center. The certificate has been issued two weeks after Stan Lee passed away. Sources believe Stan Lee suffered from aspiration pneumonia. At the end of February this year, he told of his fight with pneumonia and said, 'He canceled many events because of it.'

Stan Lee also made cameos in a total of 26 films. Before passing away, Stan Lee has played cameo roles in several films, including Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet. During an interview in 2010, Stan Lee said, "It can be very interesting to know superheroes. Knowing his personal life is a different experience to understand his personality. It would be wonderful to see how they become human at one time and superheroes at another.''

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